- Full Time Taxidermist
- 40 Years Experience
- Quaility Work
- Fast Service

Available by appointment:
Mon-Sat: 8am - 6pm 
Sun: 8am-5pm
17284 Monroe Road #857
Paris, Missouri 65275
Paris, MO
Pay by Credit Card / +3%
Fast Service - I can provide fast service because I am a full-time Taxidermist, and I only take in what I can mount in one year.
Quality - I have 40 years of experience.  I've done mounts for people in 42 states, the Virgin Islands and Mexico.  Referenes available upon request.
Value - My prices are NOT based on my level of quality, and my lower prices sometimes scare people away.  I've always felt that Taxidermy should be something the average hunter can afford.
I use a variety of driftwood, barn siding and fence posts, making each mount unique.
Please Call First
to make sure we're available
Don't trust your GPS - Please
review Google Directions first